What is "Radon Mitigation"?




What is it? 

Uranium is present in the soil virtually everywhere on the planet. Uranium decays into radium, and radium decays into radon, a radioactive gas that freely moves through the soil.  Something that just happens and we have no control over.


How does it get into my house? 

Your house is like a big smoke stack stuck in the ground. Its air is continually rising, leaving the basement like a warm air balloon and rising to the top floor, where it pushes against the walls and ceiling and leaks out. As the air leaves the basement, a vacuum is created at the basement floor, and underground air is literally sucked into the house. Most homes will change their entire volume of air every two or three hours through this process. About 20% of the air in the average home was drawn in from underground through this process.


What are the health effects?

When radon decays, it shoots out a microscopic spark called an alpha particle (alpha radiation). When this happens in your lungs, it leaves a microscopic burn on your lung cells. The burn damages the cell’s DNA bonds. When the damaged cell replicates itself, the new, defective cell, is more receptive to invasion by carcinogens than a healthy lung cell. One out of 16 smokers and one out of 140 non smokers exposed to a lifetime of 4 pCi/L of radon (the EPA action level) can expect to get lung cancer due to the radon exposure. Radon risk is linear, meaning that if you double the exposure, you double the risk. It’s estimated that someone in the 7 county Twin Cities metro area dies of lung cancer caused by radon every 72 hours. The EPA estimates that radon gas kills over 20,000 Americans annually.


Here is what the Minnesota Department of Health has to say about Radon.



Our goal is to test and mitigate, the majority of homes in and around Minneapolis Minnesota, so that nobody has to be exposed to radioactive gas. We seek to inform the public about the hazards of this mystery gas, in hopes that some day Minnesota homes can all be radon gas free!


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